Important Announcement Regarding COVID-19

March 25, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments



Our store remains open online for your shopping. No appointments will be available until further notice.

No delays regarding our shipping times BUT you may experience delays in the delivery as many courier companies have significantly reduced their workforce in response to the virus.


IF, and it's a big IF considering the current situation around the world, you still plan to make a purchase but need to be "financially responsible", please remember that we have 3 options for your shopping: 


1) Financing with Affirm for USA customers only

2) In-house payment plans for our customers worldwide

3) Ability to put a deposit for a watch you wish to buy but don't have the finances available at this time. Your watch will be held for you and marked sold. Once your final payment is made (like with our in-house payment plan), your watch will be shipped to you. Be advised that our policy regarding deposits and preorder has NOT changed)


Please, also understand that, in our current situation around the world, investing in brand new stock is either financially impossible or so hard that it would put a strain to our family needs during this pandemic and the actions by each country's Government.


We will try our best but with shopping dropped by 90%, you can easily imagine how hard it will be.



Wish you all the best. Be safe, Stay Safe! 🙏


A Time To Watch™ Management.