Gruppo Gamma


Gruppo Gamma was founded in 2013, fuelled by a strong desire to design and build timepieces that can be appreciated by collectors and aficionados.

We produce between 1,000 and 2,000 pieces a year and don't enjoy scale efficiency like big companies do, but being small and independent we can focus on giving you the best ownership experience possible.

​We're here for the long haul and a significant portion of our earnings is re-invested into product development and aftersales support. No wonder therefore, that our timepieces hold their value over time.

Our designs are retrospective and convey military and maritime undertones. Afterall we’re based in Singapore, a country surrounded by water and where fellow countrymen serve in the military.

We're a microcosm of Singapore - small, with neither the tradition of old civilisations nor price-competitiveness of developing nations, but we're hardworking, passionate and have an eye for detail.

Within months of the company's formation, a group of watch owners started an online community now known as Club Gamma. Having been through ups and downs together, the Club now with over 1,700 members has become a close-knit community comprising customers and dealers from all over the world and all walks of life, engaging in all stages of our products' lifecycle.

It's often said that when we buy a timepiece we buy into a story. With Gruppo Gamma, you get to write that story with us.

Mechanical movements, with their high level of craftsmanship and precision engineering, cost far more than quartz movements and are preferred for use in higher-end timepieces.

Unlike the standard, no-frills quartz watches that run on batteries, mechanical timepieces are powered by energy stored and harnessed through an intricate clockwork of tiny gears and springs, a technology that preceded quartz watches by almost a thousand years.

At Gruppo Gamma we've curated a spectrum of self-winding (automatic) and hand-wound mechanical movements. These movements have been chosen for their class-leading reliability, robustness and smooth second hand sweep that's seen in fine timepieces. They're easy to maintain and should run trouble-free for many years.